Chocolate Almond (London)

The ingredients:

– 250 grams butter

– 60 grams icing/castor sugar

– 360 grams multi purpose flour

– 30 grams cake flour mix

– 10 grams custard floor mix

– 1 tea spoon vannila extract

– 2 egg yolks

– 500 grams almond (roasted and cooled)

– 500 grams (your favourite) semi-sweet cooking chocolate & 1 table spoon butter (to be melted in a double boiler)

– some almond bits

How to make it:

(1) Beat sugar and butter till all mixed and fluffy

(2) Add egg yolks to the batter, fold a bit more.

(3) Add vannila extract, and fold some more.

(4) Add all the dry ingredients (flour), mix well into a soft dough.

(5) pinch a thumb size amount of dough, place inside it the roasted almond, close over it and shaped it into a longish ball.

(6) Bake for about 17 minutes in 300 F oven.

(7) Totally cool the cookies, before dipping it all in melted chocolate.

(8) Place the cookies in paper cup, and sprinkle on top of it with almond bits.

(9) Done 😉

Good Luck Folks



All the best folks.