The longest road trip ever taken!

In two weeks we will leave Ohio, our base for the longest road trip we have ever taken thus far. We will back track to Kuala Lumpur, where in exactly six months we are scheduled to arrive.  This trip has been everything we think it to be and more.  From the shore of the Hudson River to a California beach – “Coast to coast of the USA”, Rez said.  All modes of transportation, and with every cent in our pockets.  We started with Europe; with Paris as our 1st landing European airport. 

During our entire stay in Paris my son kept saying, “I can’t believe we are in Paris. It is like being in a 3D movies.” That is it, the reason we are now on the road. We even got a plane ride cancellation from British Airline. That was headache giving situation. We spent entire morning in London hunting for British Airline Office. Ground travel agents in the city were either not helpful or unable to help, especially when they knew we booked our flight online.  Expedia, the online online travel agent did not respond to our phone request to get back to us and get us on another flight to Ohio.  I was also calling expedia with international roaming on Malaysian phone. It cost the bomb. We had to go to Heathrow to get to BA office. We finally arrived on March 2nd to the Ohio Valley.

Added in KL after 20th August 2012:

Then we packed again and be on our way to DC & NYC, to LA and New Mexico. At the height of summer, in mid August, after 14 days of Ramadhan fasting in North America we headed home. My son said, “I don’t want to go home.” Same old Rezuan. Now he is going to be “homesick” again, but this time of his USA family and friends.


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