Living in enchanted future

Once again I found myself at the stationnary area of a local book store. Those pretty prints and ribbon tied paper stacks kept calling my name. I ignored them all. Now this next one is harder to ignore. Beautifully bound journals. Romantics, philosofical, funny, work of arts on their covers.  As your fingers touch their covers, your mind are transported to so exciting days ahead. Enthralled, I made promises: I will write my plan in this one – of geometrical art on it’s cover. I will write my adventures. My thought. I will write a moving poem and my first novel. Ahhh what a dream life mine would be. I will write a novel that rivals  Harry Potter, the next Good Earth of Pearl S. Buck. I shall truly live my dream of being a rwiter. My life will be exciting again.

The lure of freshly minted journals of the coming years is intoxicating. And if you get one in July, you will have six full months to have this exciting anticipation while waiting for the coming year. Six full months to have amazing dream and make detail plans.

Meanwhile changing seasons are passing by, and as in my case changing cities too.

From forever summer days of Kuala Lumpur brilliant garden with bloming flowers of such as hibiscus and the water lily:

To colours of the Ohio’s Spring.

I’m already surounded by living inspiration and living the dream life. On the road, meeting loved ones face to face.   And yet imagining writing my future life in that 2012 journal,  included of course: writing a sensational novel seems to be so enchanting. I want this 2012 journal, I feel devoid, incomplete, without it.

This musing bring me to light another habit, of not fully living in the present. Of my tendency past memories. Of over dependency on my camera to capture these memories instead of fully experiencing life as it is. The fact is that so very often, my best moment in life goes (digitally) unrecoded. It is now in my bone, part in what is of my heart. Tears and laughters. These are seeds of my inspiration that brings words to my thought. There is still much to learn to live in the present time. Not just in task oriented mode but truly with heart and mind.

Then perhaps,it is time this first novel gets to be written … starting today. With pen and paper, any paper.

Wishing everyone a fabulous day, from the Ohio Valley.


p/s I passed the 2012 journal. My son totally disagreed with me to get one more notebook to write on. Too many already, laying around, mostly with empty pages. Time to start filling them up.


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