Practicing saying “Au revoir mon amour”

What better way to say goodbye than saying “Au revoir mon amour” in Paris itself. Not that it matter there was no one to say to, although the Recidence Albert staff were the closest being one. When we came down to get the hot water for our coffee and hot chocolate on the morning we were to depart; the breakfast time was just about over. The lady who was taking care of the breakfast service offered us some croissants, telling us that they were really good. We each took one, with lots of merci. It was really delicious; soft and buttery. What French hospitality to remember! In fact it was not the first time the hotel staff offered us such favour. When we first arrived, it wasn’t yet time to check in. We went to get our lunch and came back at about noon, and it was still early to check in. The lady who was taking care of the rooms though informed the reception that there was a room ready for us. I wanted to give her a big hug. Not sure though if that was the right French thing to do. So we just say thank you very much.

Just saying so 😉

Indeed Paris welcomed us with understated charm. The tourist information personel advised us rightly to take one way ticket from Orly airport to our hotel, as it would be much more expensive to acquire  a day pass that include Orly airport, unless we wanted to travel to ther outer part of Paris as well. We took that advice and also bought a three day city pass. As Montmarte is on the opposite site of Orly Airport, I wonder if purchasing a oneway ticket from Orly to just the inside fringe of Paris city, then continue on by using the city day pass would save us some Euros. As it was, two one-way trip from Orly airport to our hotel and two 3-day city passes cost us 47 Euros. 

Nope. Not the way to carry our luggage.

Paris Metro are all over the place. I don’t remember of any color code (OK – so they were numbered and color coded, only my memory was vague on these). You have to find your destination terminal and find where your trains intersect to go where you want to. In some stations you have to walk a mini underground city to go to your next train. Up down up down thousand steps, stairs. Many times we just sat down on top of these steps or bottom most; with two luggage and two backpacks. Must record many many merci to Parisien Gentlemen who helped us to continue on with our journey. One young man practically carried our luggage from one train to the next one, up and down on stairs, making sure we got on the correct train. He was worried that we could end up on the opposite site of our destination.

Orange umbrella

Color in a sea of gray

Yes. We met many amours in Paris. We don’t have their pictures nor their names but they are the one who will colour our memory of Paris, in briliant hues, and adds to what it all means to be on the road. Au revoir mon amour, for now.

And we will come back again for another visit. InsaAllah.


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