(In retrospect): Tears in Paris – Day 2

Our stay in Recidence Albert did not include breakfast. It would be another eight or nine Euros to have one. After checking their breakfast menu that comprised of croissant, butter, honey, coffee or tea, we both decided to just have bread bought from the corner bakery, coffee for me, and hot Milo for Rez in our room. I had to go down to the reception though for hot water. Probably a wise thing than providing guests with hot implements in tiny rooms. It was no problem at all to wake up by early morning Paris time which just be like waking up real late in KL. Perfect for Rez.

There were two “persons” Rez wanted to “meet” while in Paris – Rodin’s The Thinker and Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. I already made a check that The Lourve opens on Monday but did not do so forThe Rodin Museum.  I took my chance and went to Rodin’s first. I knew that it could be closed on a Monday, yet finding that it was really close did not lessen our disappointment. The guards allowed us to take a peek at the Thinker from the museum’s gate. Has to be enough then. Rez later enacted the Thinker on The Lourve’s lawn.

The thinker is alive

Traveling by Metro train is perhaps the fastest way to reach your destination in Paris. However it can mean missing much of above ground Paris. Trying to capture some  old memories of walking Paris streets I dragged Rez to walk Champs Elysees from its Metro (Champs Elysees – Clemenceau) to the Lourve, passing de la Concorde. We had a good view of L’Obelisque.

L'Obelisque, the one in Paris

Along the way we stopped for creepes filled with nutella chocolate hazelnuts. Just to feel a bit like home. Arriving at the Lourve is like meeting old friends. Every one was there like old time.  The lovely hemaprodite, serene Venus and of course the ever mysterious Mona Lisa.

Here they are in images:

Hemaprodite of the Lourve:

Venus de Milo with her missing arms

And Rez with his date, Mona Lisa.

Somehow though I had that feeling the Lourve was getting old. Or maybe just me. Coming back after 15 years and finding everyone still the same can be unerving. Rez was very happy to exist my time warp. Appropriately, or so I thought, I took him to La Defense. To me the New Paris. Rez did make an expected observation – that the entire Paris is a museum, except for La Defense, till maybe someday.

La defense

With La Defense, we wraped off our second day in Paris. Rezuan did not forget to have another good cray though. Still despite his tears, when we first arrived in Paris, Rez did say in wonderment, “I can’t believe we are in Paris. It is so unreal, like I just walk into a 3D movie or a simulation game. Wow.” Yup, he is my son alright.


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