(In retrospect):Tears in Paris – Day 1

February 20, 2011

It is not the first time my son and I travel out of Malaysia, yet the knowledge that he would have to be without his cousins, aunts, uncles and grandma for six months brought him tears days before the journey, and worst of all the few days we were in Paris. I suspected there was also that dreaded feeling of what these coming six months are going to be. Of course that one thought;  “My mom is crazy”, is always in his mind.

Boarding Air Asia at LCCT (KLIA)

Still, Rez  managed to get his emotion together while getting ready to board the plane at LCCT. He carried his heavy backpack stuffed with our notebook computer and his reading materials without much complain. I had his DVD player and our camera in mine.  We had two checked luggage, 15 Kgs each, filled with all sort of things, including his Wii players and packets of instant noodle. Our winter clothings were what we wore or carried on our body, and a couple of wool jammies, but not much else. That was how we headed to our first destination – a wintery Paris, in early morning of February 2011.

 It was a very pleasant flight actually. Much better than what I had expected of Air Asia.  Food was nothing much, but adequate and we were well prepared for it. We arrived early Sunday morning Paris time; about 3 pm same day KL time. From Orly Airport, we took multiple trains straight to our hotel, the Recidence Albert at Montmarte, which is just below the  famous Basilique du Sacre Couer. 
The hotel was about 80 Euros for a two nights stay. Very tiny room, clean and functional. It was on the 3rd floor, with a tiny lift – awesome. There was a small tv with French programmes. Rez was happy that all things were working. Then he had his cry.

“What is the matter, Rez”

“I want to go home”

Lunch in Paris

I knew he was not hungry as I just fed him a huge lunch from a Turkish Restaurant not far from the hotel, prior to checking in. So we went out again, into a Rainy Paris afternoon.  First we climbed up to Basilique du Sacre Couer and was entertained by watching other tourists watching others; and talking with a bronze statue.

As it was still early in Paris, and that we didn’t have much time anyway we went back to the city for a visit to the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe. Again it required us to travel by train, I think two trains. First to Eiffel Tower, and then backtracked to Arc de Triomphe.

Eiffel Tower

The temperature must have drop close to 0 degree C because we got so cold, even with thermals and more layers on top. Somehow the decison not to bring our thick winter coats was not too smart after all. Well not when we felt the cold to the bones. Brrr.

Corners at Montmarte

At about sunset we returned back to Montmarte. After checking all corners and the streets around our hotel, we decided that was it for our first day in Paris. We headed back to our room for a hot Milo (yes, I packed a Milo too) and a good cry; Rez not me. I was just glad we made it to our first pit stop.


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