(In progress) Around the world in six months – Almost


Kuala Lumpur Skyline by Taman Tasik Titiwangsa

 A good friend offered  to host us as long as we needed to see USA. It was too good to pass. In six months, we put together our resouces to purchase two cheapest return tickets available  from Kuala Lumpur to Columbus, Ohio. That was the beginning of our six months adventures of USA, coast to coast, via Paris and London. Of course we meandered to Brussels, Antwerp and Ghent as well for there were friends to see and loved ones to say hi.

The Columbus City Hall, in Spring

We are now in Columbus, eating, resting, watching birds in our own forest, as well gathering thought about all that has happened. It has been an extraodinary visit. Still it is time to go home,  guess better make a plan, gather our stuff and find our way home, then.
Who else if not the thinker!
Yes, we do have another date with the thinker on our way home. Last time we only managed to take a peek by the gate. But next time we pass his city, it will be a Thursday, and better chance to have a long chat with him.

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