ABC to Healthy Eating – Sneaky Mom


Oat Meal: Instant oat in low fat milk, with nuts, raisin and honey.

Oat meal is a no no to my son eating choices. I’m the only one in the house who thinks a gluey mix of oat and milk as heaven sent. My mom too is on the same side as my son, although mom does drink her thin oat gruel from time to time, to escape continues nagging from her two military like daughters. Then one morning while making lempeng (Malay version of the French crepes), I added oat to the batter. 

Oat to flour ratio is 1:2

Everyone noticed the difference in taste and appearence in their lempeng but they don’t mind. Lempeng is best served with curry of course, as well with honey and cream, pancake style.

The ratio of one oat in the form of instant oat, to two flour seems to be working ok. Too much oat we could end up with fragile and breaky lempeng. But go on and experiment.

Oat added lempeng (aka: thin pancake) - Plain.

Oat lempeng smeared with chocolate souce & cream cheese

Selamat mencuba! (Happy Cooking).


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