ABC to Healthy Eating – Fruit and Vegetables

This post is dedicated to all of us who think eating healthy is out of reach, or otherwise boring. Not another apple please! I have enough of apples too, or for that matter carrot. The problem is I love to eat. Big plate of anything.  So we are back with fruits and vegetables as the easiest way to feast on low calorie food.  How about we start with a fruit and vegetable salad?

Ingredients: apple, carrot, tomato and orange.

An apple, orange, a tomato, and one carrot.

Add to these fruits and vegetables collection two more ingredients; lemon & olive oil.

Add to the bowl, lemon & olive oil

Next, get your ever willing son to slice and dice! Do not worry of his seriouness, he was enjoying his task really.

Cut your apple to bite pieces

Put back all your cut fruits and vegetablesl in the same bowl, add  in a tablespoon of each;  lemon juice and olive oil, then  a pinch of salt. Mix them up a bit, and there, your very own sweet crunchy fruits and vegetables salad. Anyone wishes to have a fancy presentation can always dress the salad with some mints and edible flowers too … ok may be hibiscus is too fancy. Lets stick with that mint, for now. 

Crunchy fruit vegetable salad & pancake mix

Both the salad and pancakes make a satisfying breakfast. As for the pancake step by step making , will write about it in another post 😉


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2 Responses to ABC to Healthy Eating – Fruit and Vegetables

  1. Suzan says:

    Love the simplicity … and the photos are fabulous … and Rez is growing up too fast!! I too am in the healthy eating phase again … mostly fresh green vegetables, baked chicken, eggs, almonds, berries, yogurt, brown rice and baked sweet potatoes. Lots of interesting combos with the simple foods … yes? and always healthy!!
    Miss you!! xoxo

    • bareheart says:

      Suz dear … awesome!!! I love it you are the first one to write here on our new page. Yeah 😉
      Yup, was not too long ago that Rez had to stand on something to wash the dishes in the sink, now he is almost as tall as I am.

      And you are so right, healthy eating begins by going back to real food … and knowing how to mix and match, the choices is just endless.

      Miss you too, Suz. I’ll try to visit our page soon.

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